Bamboo Agroforestry

Our Mission (Bamboo is a grass)

Our mission is to develop bamboo into a sustainable resource to support soil organic carbon, which benefits agriculture and biodiversity, within the elements of agroecology.  We believe that tropical clumping bamboo and vetiver bamboo grass could function within an integrated and transformative approach to enhance holistic values. The key areas are:

1.Solar Cycle (Sunlight)

2.Water Cycle

3.Organic Matter

4.Soil Biodiversity & Plant Life
5.Microcosmos - Clues to Natural Survival

Our sustainable development goals are:

  • Developing a soil carbon based bio-circular economy through bamboo agroforestry and regenerative agriculture. Improving soil organic carbon is the pathway towards agriculture productivity in-situ. In so doing, eradicate dependency on synthetic chemical inputs. 
  • Investing in strategic human capital to foster agroecological values in nutritional food production.
  • Working with our academia to research on plant based active compounds for functional food and precision animal feed.
  • Advocating the planting of tropical clumping bamboo and vetiver bamboo grass.
  • Advocating the collection of data and knowledge within the microcosmos biosphere to support our journey towards an ecological economy. 
  • On a longer term, to establish sufficient inventory of bamboo cellulose biomass for use in timber related products to eliminate dependency on our rainforest.