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Sabah Bamboo Resource Center

We are pleased to share about the establishment of Sabah Bamboo Resource Center (SBRC) which was established by the local Sabah bamboo community to provide a one stop center to support bamboo farmers and enthusiast with knowledge about commercial bamboo and vetiver bamboo grass. Carbon Xchange provides technical support to SBRC on appropriate specie of bamboo and vetiver grass with commercial value which also serve as an efficient carbon sequester and carbon sink for soil nutrient cycle. This will improve soil organic carbon.

SBRC (Sabah Bamboo Resource Center) is a knowledge based social enterprise committed to provide science-based knowledge about local bamboo taxonomy and habitat, at the same time expanding operational knowledge about improving soil organic carbon to increase farm/plantation productivity.

Bamboos (subfamily Bambusoideade) comprise one of 12 subfamilies within the grass family (Poaceae) and represent the only grass lineage to diversity in forest. This makes bamboo an ideal Agroforestry crop.

The nearly 1,500 described species of bamboos are classified into three tribes:

  • Arundinarieae (temperate woody bamboos, 546 species)
  • Bambuseae (tropical woody bamboos, 812 species)
  • Olyreae (herbaceous bamboos, 124 species)

The history of bamboo classification goes back over 200 years.

At Carbon Xchange, we provide oversight knowledge on the most important advances leading to current phylogenetic classification of bamboos based on their inferred evolutionary relationships as a crop for improving soil organic carbon.