Bamboo Life

About Carbon Xchange

We specialize in large scale silviculture systems of bamboo farms and plantations for the production of human food and feedstock for animal and insects. Bamboo has varied uses for communities and industries if properly designed with essential elements of agroecology.

Carbon Xchange was incorporated in 2016 to establish formal engagement with local universities to expand research and human capital development for the bamboo related industries. The last three decades we focused on in-situ outreach research objectives by establishing nurseries and planting bamboo within an agroforestry framework among rural communities in Sarawak. Our other areas of focus are on soil health restoration, nitrogen and water cycle, within different landscapes found in Sarawak.

Our programs endeavor to protect and improve rural livelihoods, we hold strong convictions on holistic equity and social well-being which are essential for sustainable food and agriculture systems.This will lead to enhancing resilience among the people and communities we are engaged with.

The culture to recycle plays a key role in our agricultural production systems as it contributes to lower economical and environmental cost.

When we focus on the system by which agricultural crops can be grown in association with bamboo crops, we study bamboo agroforestry models which take into considerations:

  • Solar Functions.
  • Water Cycle
  • Soil Mineral Cycle
  • Dynamic Ecosystem Communities
  • Social & Human Factor

Hence, the bamboo crop selected should be compatible with the agriculture crop to deliver a symbiotic relationship within the soil and biological diversified ecosystems. Healthy soil biology can put long term carbon in the soil.